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Scam Email received June 15, 2018 from william@cosmos.ocn.ne.jp

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ATTN: BENEFICIARY. PAYMENT FILE NUMBER: A – william@cosmos.ocn.ne.jp

ATTN: BENEFICIARY. PAYMENT FILE NUMBER: A The Audit / Probe Panel Committee set up by the International Court of Justice to investigate matters concerning your fund transaction has finally cleared you of all the allegations, prone to several failed attempts to claim your fund. All charges have been dropped against you, while your name has been included in first payment quarter of the fiscal year 2017 (Ref: FMF/CGS/013/WA & Amount: US$4,800,000:00). This investigation has been on for over 2 yrs, this is WHY you have suffered setbacks in your several attempts to receive any part of your fund even though some fraudsters have tapped into your payment file, feeding you with false hope and lies. Now you can rest, guaranteed to receive the sum of $4,800,000.00 (Four million Eight hundred thousand Dollars) as soon as you upgrade your file and forward your information to this honorable court, the report from the committee justifies the urgent need to finalize your transaction and ensure that you receive your fund for sake of JUSTICE. This Honorable court, insist on cancellation of all previous/any pending payment arrangement of any institution/department that has been fruitless with you and advises you to send your personal coordinate to us (1) Your Full Name, (2) Your Contact Address, (3) Your City & Country, (4) Direct telephone line (Cell and Landline) (5) ID Card (International Passport or ID Card) (6) Present Occupation, NOTE: This honorable court has taken your back, hence we have made an arrangement that will best be profitable to you the beneficiary. Our interest is to make certain that this fund if finally paid to you after all this awful experience of the past years. We want nothing but the result, certainly, you can not do this on your own which is why we have stepped in and we will ensure that justice is finally done. In any way that your co-operation is required to actualize success in this payment in a few days, I advice you to attend to me as I hope that you will prepare to take full advantage of this court injunction. To avoid discrepancy which may cause further delay, please make sure that you send valid information which can be verified by your government. Your file will be treated immediately and you can receive your money within the next 7 Days. Please be advised to forward the required details to the office of the President & Chief Judge, Mr. Sanchez Bruce on our this official E-mail address Yours Sincerely, Dr. Mr. Sanchez Bruce Chief Judge International Court of Justice (ICJ) william@cosmos.ocn.ne.jp

The above email is a scam. If you still think is legitimate, but you’re still concerned, then follow these steps:

Ten Minutes 10 minutes.

How to check if you received a scam email

  1. Google the details.

    Do a Google search for the persons name/company name that the email has come from.

  2. Confirm the details.

    Visit their website and look for a phone number or email address. Search for the website yourself. Do not assume the details in the email are valid.

  3. Confirm using the information you have found

    Using the details you have researched, call or email the business and ask them to verify the information within the email.

  4. Check if the email has been sent to multiple people

    Google snippets of the email text to see if the same format has been used in the past. eg “Army officer from Syria but now living with the United Nations on asylum”

Most of us know someone who is vulnerable to these types of attacks. Fortunately, if you’re aware of the presence of these scams, and armed with some basic knowledge on identifying them, you can greatly reduce your chances people you know becoming a victim. Please help them by sharing this information on Facebook or Twitter using the #telltwo and #takefive hashtags.
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