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THE ERLING PERSSON FAMILY FOUNDATION. – erlingfamilydonation@swedenmail.com

Scammer email: erlingfamilydonation@swedenmail.com
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A touching email i read now inspired me to do this. I just decided with the support of my family to voluntarily donate part of our foundation funds to you as a charitable project to improve the lives of five different individuals randomly selected all over the world. If you have received this message, then you are among the lucky recipients to be considered and all you have to do is get back to us via erlingfamilydonation@swedenmail.com with your full name/country and email address.Congratulations & Happy Celebrations in Advance.

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  1. This is what I received

    The Erling Persson Family Foundation
    Stiftelse c/o Ramsbury Property
    84 Stockholm

    Good Day,

    How are you and your amazing family? Congratulations and thank you for your feedback. My entire family is pleased to read your letter of acceptance as our beneficiary to receive 3,500,000.00 Euro in helping me in charity work around the world because I can’t do it all by myself. I am Mr. Stefan Erling Persson the Son of the famous Swedish billionaires Erling Persson from Sweden, on behalf of my family, My wife, my children and I, we have decided to do the work of God and his will by donating to you, and to help me reach out to charity homes and Organizations that will be of help to eradicating poverty in the lives of our Young and Old generations in different locations around the world.

    After seeking financial advice from our legal counsel, I have decided to commence our charity foundation/projects for this year 2021, and also use the opportunity to give out cash grant worth of 3.5 Million euro each to at least 4 persons to become millionaires like us of which (2) people have benefited and received theirs , we have also decided to help Christians in Northern Part of the world, we can help the needy and less privileges if we both ( You and I ) agree to follow the instructions guiding this organization same way my other two beneficiary’s agreed to oblige to the instructions given to them of which you are to keep for yourself and your family 60% of the 3,500,000.00 euro donated to you which is (2,100,000.00 euro) and give out the balance 1,400,000.00 euro to charity homes and Organizations that will be of help to eradicating poverty in the lives of our Young and Old generations Note: It is also our intention to make out donations to charity projects and the less privileged all over the world.

    To confirm this, you may read more about the Erling Persson’s family by visiting the web-page below:


    I know this may come as a big surprise but it will interest you to know that your email address was selected alongside other 3 lucky email addresses out of millions of internet users worldwide. Random selection was done by the legal advisers to this donation program declaring you as a lucky individual for a cash grant of 3.5 Million euro from us. I may not know you, but I believe if you were chosen by God to receive my donation of 3,500,000.00 euro you must be a God fearing individual irrespective of your religion or belief and I believe that Good things happen to those people who wait and also believe. The Erling Persson family is very glad to know that there are still people like you in the world who will join hands with the Persson’s Family to work and see poverty fully eradicated from the lives of our young and old people.

    Please Note: You will be required to set up an online account in your name with my bank where the 3.5, Million euro will be lodge as agreed by my attorney who said that all donated funds to my beneficiary MUST be completed through the use of Online banking system or through a courier delivery service as certified bank draft cheque so i can maintain a better and secure communication.

    This grant donation is 100% real and so you are to act fast with any instructions given to you to avoid any kind of delay, Hence to facilitate the transfer process of this funds (3,500,000.00 euro) which have been donated solely to you, kindly introduce yourself in details to me by filling the form below.



    Note: The Erling Persson’s family feel good by helping people, this is the only thing that makes us happy. I advise you as the prospective lucky winner to be calm not to lose this great opportunity when given instructions by the Pay-out bank, which means you are to follow the pay-out bank instructions to enable the successful transfer of your donation funds to you. Millions of people are praying for such opportunity but they just could not get this kind of life changing opportunity and some people got this kind of opportunity in the past also lost it because they fail to understand that this is a gift from God Almighty as lot of people are out there to discourage them as they don’t know how it works, and have never seen such before. Please you have to delete this message if you are not willing to receive this donation, but on the contrary, I expect you to reply back immediately through our contact email address for more details on how to receive your cash grant either by online wire bank transfer or Courier service. The U.K online banking system is one of the majorly reliable and efficient means of receiving instant transfer globally which is the reason my Attorney has said all funds transfer to the beneficiary must be done Via Bank to Bank. I will forward to you my bank contact details immediately i received your filled form above which is needed for the disbursement of the donated funds to you. I wish you and your entire family Good luck and therefore advised you to keep your winning information confidential and restrict it from third Party to avoid double or false claims of your winning and remember friends are not to be trusted.


    Warm Regards

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