419 scams

Third attempt to reach you: URGENT

Scam Email received 5/16/2019

Email From:


Sender Name:

Mr. W. Stuart Symington

Other emails used:

infomyoffice650@yahoo.com, infomyoffice650@yahoo.com

Email Subject:

Third attempt to reach you: URGENT

Third attempt to reach you: URGENT – infomyoffice650@yahoo.com

U.S. Department United States Embassy Seal Greeting from U.S Embassy, THIS MAIL IS ONLY FOR THE OWNER OF THIS E-MAIL ADDRESS Attention:Beneficiary, Please i wish to inform you that your fund was brought to my desk this morning by the director of the western union/ Money Gram here in Nigeria. They have decided to divert your fund to the Government Treasury account reason because you failed to pay their fee of your fund which is just $155.00 only. But i told them to wait until i hear from you today so that i will know the reason why you rejected such amount of money $15.5m which will change your life just because of $155.00 I want your urgent response as soon as you receive this email and explain to me the reason why you should abandon your fund or if you don’t need it then i can change your name to another person that is interested. So that the corrupt Government officials of Nigeria will not claim this money for their selfish interest. YOUR FULL CONTACT INFORMATION IS NEEDED. Your Full Name:_______} Your Private Phone Number:_____} Home Address:_______} Sex/Occupation:______} Age:_______} Your Identification Id:____} I will wait to hear from you now. Mr. W. Stuart Symington. {United States Ambassador to {Nigeria} E- mail: infomyoffice650@yahoo.com Mr. W. Stuart Symington – infomyoffice650@yahoo.com

The above email is a scam. If you still think is legitimate, but you’re still concerned, then follow these steps:

Ten Minutes 10 minutes.

How to check if you received a scam email

  1. Google the details.

    Do a Google search for the persons name/company name that the email has come from.

  2. Confirm the details.

    Visit their website and look for a phone number or email address. Search for the website yourself. Do not assume the details in the email are valid.

  3. Confirm using the information you have found

    Using the details you have researched, call or email the business and ask them to verify the information within the email.

  4. Check if the email has been sent to multiple people

    Google snippets of the email text to see if the same format has been used in the past. eg “Army officer from Syria but now living with the United Nations on asylum”

Most of us know someone who is vulnerable to these types of attacks. Fortunately, if you’re aware of the presence of these scams, and armed with some basic knowledge on identifying them, you can greatly reduce your chances people you know becoming a victim. Please help them by sharing this information on Facebook or Twitter using the #telltwo and #takefive hashtags.
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