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Greetings to you legal proprietor

My name is Dr. Craig Donaldson, and I am reaching out to you regarding a recent consolidation of your Bank funds. Your compensation files from four world Banks were compiled earlier this Month and submitted to me for review, your accrued a trust sum of £15,500,000.00 Pounds Sterling.

We attempted to contact you multiple times, and hope this gets to you. Because you had not claimed your compensation fund before the International Fund Transfer changes in 2014, your account was compiled and locked as a Non-deductible Escrow account at the Metro Bank. This account is in your name and requires accreditation before we can release the £15,500,000.00 Pounds Sterling.

In order to speed up the process, I have conducted a thorough verification process To Confirm That You Are The Individual Attached To This Account. I Have Also Confirmed That You Have Fulfilled All The Necessary Obligations And Have A Proper Credit Rating To Enable The Release Of Your Payment Into A Personal Account Of Your Choice.

The Trust fund has been authorized for release by the Wordl Bank and our Bank ( Metro Bank ) has been given the veto link over your trust fund disbursment, which has your registered consolidated account. you are approaching A Six-year Non-Response, And Your Fund Will be released back to the Four Banks if You do not contact our office within The next 72 Hours.

The Metro Bank utilizes a secured macro transfer system, and your Funds can be Transferred In 2-5 Days If You Reply To This Authorized Email With the following information. The more information you provide, the quicker the approval process will be completed.

First name:
Last name:
Residential address:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Marital Status:

If you prefer to receive your Funds on a Pre-Loaded Visa card, we could ship your card to your address. Please Note that cards have a daily withdrawal limit of £10,000 Pounds. We can also write you a Draft Check, which can be deposited in any Bank. I Anticipate your timely response before the account deactivates.
Thank you,

NOTE: That all communications consign this your trust fund should be on Emil and SMS only for record purpose and to avoid a misunderstanding in the process of transferring OR delivering your fund to you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Craig Donaldson
President and CEO
Metro Bank

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