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Dispatching Checks And Money Order – briantexas11@gmail.com

Scammer email: briantexas11@gmail.com
Other Emails: Backup backup@acoscontinente.com.br, , briantexas11@gmail.com
IP Address:

I have a job offer for you. My name is Bryan Petersson, i am very interested in offering you a part-time paying job, all you have to do is dispatch checks and money orders . You will be required to help us prepare checks/money orders and then mail them out. We will update you on a regular basis with instructions, names and addresses of the recipients ON WHAT TO DO. If you are interested Kindly email the following details:

Name :-
Address :-
Telephone :-
Email Address :-

-Bryan Petersson.
Reply to: briantexas11@gmail.com

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