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*New Gov’t program allows homeowners to cut their mortgage payments in HALF! See below.* —————————— Your subscription to our list has been confirmed. Thank you for subscribing! +15212467651 ” Hello, Thanks for your email! We aim to respond to emails within one business day. In the meantime, here’s a reference number: 324512435 If your issue can’t wait, please call our Support Team on 13 22 58 or our Sales Team on 13 19 17 and we’ll be happy to help. Kind regards Craig Levy Chief Operating Officer Online Support at iiHelp Select a category to get started: Internet Billing & Accounts Email & Hosting Phone Mobile Fetch TV ” —- Hello, Thanks for registering with ????buxRh????? My Account. To access My Account please login using the email and password you provided. Once logged in you will be able to order new services, view existing orders, check current and previous bills, manage your account settings and more. If you didn’t register with ????zMnzv????? My Account please call us on 7966700092 to let us know. Thanks, ????MENFq????? Customer Services —- Welcome to ???//??fkNyZ//??????! We’re excited to have you on board. My name is Sydney, and I’ll be your onboarding assistant throughout your trial process. I’d love to learn more about your business, and in turn implement a strategy using our software to increase your sales and overall efficiency. Please reach out if you have any questions and I look forward to helping your eCommerce business grow using our software! If you have any questions during your trial process, we’d be more than happy to help! Simply hover over the question mark icon to reveal a link to schedule a call with us or utilize the live chat feature in the bottom right corner of your dashboard. Thanks again and we’re excited to have you on board! Sydney Curry ???//??RGpuF//??????. —— VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT Welcome to ANQpD. To activate your fYUVY account you must first verify your email address by clicking this link. HAVING TROUBLE? If the link above did not work, you can copy and paste the full URL from your mail client into your web browser. The URL should be a single line, if your mail client splits it into multiple lines, copy and paste each line separately. ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE Thank you for choosing ZEVUV. You may reach Customer Support by visiting our Submit A Ticket page. —- Hi Kennedy, Thank you for reaching out. Before we can get a quote to you, there are a couple of questions we need to understand. Can you please tell me the language you are interested in and the use case? Which Operating System does it need supported? Do you need any additional packages/modules or are you interested in our out-of-the-box distribution for those specific languages? What is the number of instances? Timeframe for going into production? I hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you, Ernest Pau Enterprise Solutions Advocate ,???oiPPx???, Software Dir: +5085007857 EXT. 556 Tel: +4427770496 —- GUIDE AMBASSADEURS DEVENEZ AMBASSADEUR DE LA MARQUE MOSL ET DU TERRITOIRE DE LA MOSELLE ! Vous aimez ou incarnez l’esprit MOSL, la Moselle Sans Limite ? Vous êtes habitant, étudiant, acteur économique, acteur touristique ou un visiteur ? Vous souhaitez partager votre expérience de la Moselle, promouvoir son territoire et ses richesses, et participer ainsi à son développement. #MOSL QUI PEUT ÊTRE AMBASSADEUR ? Tous ceux qui aiment la Moselle : habitant ou pas, expatrié, amoureux de la Moselle, toute personne qui a un lien avec le territoire, a été conquis par son état d’esprit et souhaite contribuer à sa promotion. L’ambassadeur partage les valeurs, l’état d’esprit et le positionnement “Sans limite” de la marque et peut participer activement au développement de son territoire. Nous sommes persuadés que le développement de la Moselle se fera avec toutes les forces vives et sera la somme des mobilisations individuelles et collectives pour faire émerger les projets et talents de demain. UN RÉSEAU D’AMBASSADEURS POUR LA MOSELLE Vos missions en tant qu’ambassadeur sont liées à vos activités, vos prises de parole ou vos actions ayant un lien avec le territoire. Le rayonnement du département et de la marque MOSL seront la somme de toutes les réalisations communes de la marque et de ses ambassadeurs. QUELLES SONT LES MISSIONS D’UN AMBASSADEUR ? COMMENT DEVENIR AMBASSADEUR ? IDENTIFIER ET FAIRE DÉCOUVRIR LES TALENTS MOSELLANS entreprises, start-up, jeunes talents, artistes, sportifs, créatifs… —- President Legislative Integral part of Parliament Summon/Prorogue parliament Dissolve Lok Sabha Summon Joint sitting of both houses Address Parliament on 1st session after each general election and 1st session of every year Send messages to Parliament regarding a bill or otherwise Appoint any member to preside the proceedings of Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha when Speaker/Chairman & Dy. Speaker/Dy. Chairman fall vacant Nominates 12 to R.Sabha & 2 to L.Sabha Decides disqualification of MPs in consultation with E.C. Certain bills require prior recommendation Assent required a bill to become Act Sometimes state bill also requires his /her assent when reserved Promulgate Ordinance when Parliament is not in session, approval within 6 weeks of reassembly Reports of CAG, UPSC, Fin. Com., laid in the Parliament Regulations for A&N, Lakshadweep, D&NH, D&D for Governance Governor Legislative Integral part of State Legislature Summon/Prorogue State Legislature Dissolve State Assembly Address State Legislature on 1st session after each general election and 1st session of every year Send messages to State Legislature regarding a bill or otherwise Appoint any member to preside the proceedings of Assembly/Council when Speaker/Chairman & Dy. Speaker/Dy. Chairman fall vacant Nominates 1/6th to Council & 1 to Assembly – including Co-operative Movement Decides disqualification of members of State Legislature in consultation with E.C. Assent required a bill to become Act Sometimes state bill reserved for Presidential assent – DPSP, Art 31A etc & Obligatory if bill endangers position of High Court Promulgate Ordinance when State Legislature is not in session, approval within 6 weeks of reassembly Reports of CAG, State Fin. Com., laid in the State Legislature CCE-PDPU VenkataKrishnan Source: Laxmikanth —- The Emoluments Clause and the President Prior to his election in November 2016, President Donald Trump had an extensive private business empire. He was a well-known real estate developer. He became most famous as a celebrity host and executive producer of a reality T.V. show called The Apprentice. Since his election, some have raised concerns that President Trump is profiting off his presidency. The emoluments clause is a provision in the U.S. Constitution. An emolument is a profit or advantage an official gains from his or her office. The framers of the Constitution feared that ambassadors in the early republic might be corrupted by gifts from foreign countries. The framers wanted public servants to be free from outside influence. The emoluments clause in Article 1, Section 9, states, “No person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state.” This means that U.S. government officials cannot accept gifts or money from foreign officials or foreign countries. Congress, however, may vote to allow emoluments. Upon taking office, President Trump kept ownership of his businesses. But he turned over control of those businesses to his sons and an executive at his private company, the Trump Organization. President Trump pledged not to enter into new foreign transactions while president. He also pledged to have heightened review of domestic transactions. No sitting president has ever been sued under the emoluments clause before. The challenges to President Trump are new issues for the courts. —- A Free Festival For Everyone Imagine RIT: Creativity and Innovation Festival is the university’s signature event, a showcase that attracts 30,000 visitors to campus. When Saturday, April 27, 2019 10 a.m.—5 p.m. What you’ll see Nearly 400 interactive presentations, exhibits, research projects, hands-on demonstrations, and live performances displaying the ingenuity of students, faculty, and staff. Learn more On to a world of possibilities. C —- —- k8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8a k8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8a k8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8a k8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8a —- k8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8a k8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8a k8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8a k8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8a —- Dear Reader: Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood, affecting over 13,000 children in New York State. This disease requires a unique, complex and inseparable blend of self-care and medical care. Parents, schools, communities and the health care team must work collaboratively to provide information and training to ensure that children with diabetes can participate fully and safely in all settings, especially school. The New York State Department of Health Diabetes Prevention and Control Program is working to provide comprehensive and up-to-date resources that help children with diabetes grow up to be healthy and productive adults. It is my hope that you will find Children with Diabetes: A Resource Guide for Families and Schools to be a valuable tool. In addition to the wealth of information provided in the first edition of the resource guide, this revised guide now addresses the serious emerging issues of childhood obesity/overweight and type 2 diabetes in children, and provides promising strategies to reduce risk. I would like to thank the many committed individuals who contributed their time and expertise to this project. It is this type of successful collaboration that makes New York stand out as a leader in public health. Health care and education are critically important components of childhood development and all of New York’s children deserve a bright and healthy future. Sincerely, Nirav R. Shah, M.D., M.P.H., Commissioner ? 5 —- k8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8a k8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8a k8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8a k8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8ak8a —- WHERE CAN I GO? We have over 300 university exchange partners, including many of the world’s top-ranking institutions in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, East and South-east Asia, South Africa and Latin America. WHY STUDY ABROAD? Study Abroad is a great opportunity to enhance your employability skills, experience different cultures, meet new people and explore your degree from a different perspective WHY STUDY ABROAD? Study Abroad is a great opportunity to enhance your employability skills, experience different cultures, meet new people and explore your degree from a different perspective PREPARE TO APPLY Find out more about the application process, researching your destination, how much it will cost and more. GET READY TO GO Congratulations on being accepted for Study Abroad! Now it’s time to plan the details, like where you’ll stay, organising your visa and applying for your student loan. DURING YOUR STUDY ABROAD YEAR Once you know you’ll be studying abroad, you’ll need to arrange accommodation, insurance, visas, proof of your finances and maybe some foreign language studies. RETURNING TO LEEDS Welcome back! Here’s some useful information to help you settle back into life in Leeds. SUMMER SCHOOLS Short programmes, usually through summer schools, are a great chance to experience study and life in another country. STUDY ABROAD HANDBOOKS AND DOCUMENTS Handbooks, checklists, forms and information you will need before and during your study abroad. GRADUATE STUDY ABROAD OPPORTUNITIES If you’re a Postgraduate researcher, there may be opportunities to study abroad during your time here. —- Voter Information —- —- —- ***HARPSubstitute*** –

The above email is a scam. If you still think is legitimate, but you’re still concerned, then follow these steps:

Ten Minutes 10 minutes.

How to check if you received a scam email

  1. Google the details.

    Do a Google search for the persons name/company name that the email has come from.

  2. Confirm the details.

    Visit their website and look for a phone number or email address. Search for the website yourself. Do not assume the details in the email are valid.

  3. Confirm using the information you have found

    Using the details you have researched, call or email the business and ask them to verify the information within the email.

  4. Check if the email has been sent to multiple people

    Google snippets of the email text to see if the same format has been used in the past. eg “Army officer from Syria but now living with the United Nations on asylum”

Most of us know someone who is vulnerable to these types of attacks. Fortunately, if you’re aware of the presence of these scams, and armed with some basic knowledge on identifying them, you can greatly reduce your chances people you know becoming a victim. Please help them by sharing this information on Facebook or Twitter using the #telltwo and #takefive hashtags.
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