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Attention:Dear Beneficiary

Scam Email received June 28, 2018 from
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Attention:Dear Beneficiary

Other emails used:,

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Attention:Dear Beneficiary

Attention:Dear Beneficiary –

Sent from: Mrs. Helen L. Micheal Attention:Dear BeneficiaryINTERNATIONAL ATM CARD PAYMENT CENTER We are in respect to your long over-due fund which you have been finding it difficult to receive through a Bank Draft, Bank to Bank Wire Transfer and Western Union Installment Payment arrangements. A meeting was held last weekend as to the problem surrounding the Remittance of your fund, and after all deliberation, the Panel Agreement was to load your fund into a worldwide accessible ATM Visa Card by world Bank injunction with IMF. We have waited for you to get in contact with us for your ATM Visa Card with the total sum of $4,500.000.00. (Four Million, Five hundred Thousand United State Dollars Dollars), Which you can withdraw your Fund at any ATM Machine in your location Worldwide, with maximum daily limit amount of USD$15,000.00 (Fifteen Thousand United States Dollars) Hence you are willing to claim your Winning Fund. we congratulate you for being among the 91 winner of the economy commodity promo lottery. Note that the delivery charges of your ATM VISA CARD has already being paid, Apart from the insurance clearance fees, which can not be paid due to your delay in contacting this office for claim of your ATM VISA CARD Winning Fund. The the Insurance clearance Fee is the only charges you are Authorized to Pay as there is no Hiden charges require for any reason, to have you ATM VISA CARD completely insured and delivered to your residential address for daily withdrawal. All you need to do is to contact DHL for details and guidelines on how to submit your Fees so as to facilitate the immediate release of your ATM VISA CARD for immediate delivery to you. Contact Mr.Wright directly for Guidelines on how to Submit of your insurance clearance fees, and commence Delivery the of your ATM VISA CARD Winning Fund. Contact Person Mr. Wright. Phone: +229-60444229 Kindly re-confirm your details to him for verification, and make sure your residential address is provided correctly, to avoid any atom of mistake during delivery process of your ATM VISA CARD, so as to facilitate the immediate release of your ATM CARD immediately as soon as you comply with the requirement. (1) Your Full Name (2) Full Residential Address. (3) Direct and Current Phone . (4) Nationality …. (5) Present Country .. (6) Nearest Airport…. (7) A COPY OF ID CARD As soon as your details are submitted, you shall be advised accordingly by the ATM CARD department Our ATM CODE of conduct is ( ATM107 ). Make sure you specify this Code on your subject when Contacting DHL for delivery of your ATM VISA CARD. Your Safety is 100% Guaranteed. Thanks for your maximum co-operation. Mrs. Helen L. Micheal Manager ATM Visa Card Department International ATM CARD PAYMENT CENTER

The above email is a scam. If you still think is legitimate, but you’re still concerned, then follow these steps:

Ten Minutes 10 minutes.

How to check if you received a scam email

  1. Google the details.

    Do a Google search for the persons name/company name that the email has come from.

  2. Confirm the details.

    Visit their website and look for a phone number or email address. Search for the website yourself. Do not assume the details in the email are valid.

  3. Confirm using the information you have found

    Using the details you have researched, call or email the business and ask them to verify the information within the email.

  4. Check if the email has been sent to multiple people

    Google snippets of the email text to see if the same format has been used in the past. eg “Army officer from Syria but now living with the United Nations on asylum”

Most of us know someone who is vulnerable to these types of attacks. Fortunately, if you’re aware of the presence of these scams, and armed with some basic knowledge on identifying them, you can greatly reduce your chances people you know becoming a victim. Please help them by sharing this information on Facebook or Twitter using the #telltwo and #takefive hashtags.
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