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Spending time studying abroad can be a rewarding and life changing experience, giving you a unique opportunity to explore the world, discover different cultures and enhance your career prospects.


We have over 300 university exchange partners, including many of the world’s top-ranking institutions in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, East and South-east Asia, South Africa and Latin America.

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Dear Referees,
Thank you for your very careful review of our paper
, and for the comments, corrections and
suggestions that ensued. A major revision of the pa
per has been carried out to take all of them
into account. And in the process, we believe the pa
per has been significantly improved.
In the present “Author Comment”, we first detail th
e major changes that have been made in
the paper to correct the main weaknesses identified
by the review. We then sequentially
address all of the points raised in each of the fou
r interactive comments made.

(1) Sample Cover Letters for Student reference (to seek industrial placement) (a)

Dear Sir / Madam, Ref: Application for Industrial Training Attachment I am a year # student pursuing the (Name of Course> at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, and wish to apply as a trainee for Industrial Training in your company. Your company is very suitable to me in terms of my area of interest and your location. It is a requirement that I spend three months in an industry prior to the final year programme. As your company is not among those contacted by the University, I have obtained permission from the Dean to submit my application to you directly. I enclose herewith the letters from the University and my particulars. I shall be most grateful if my application is considered favourably. Thank you. Yours faithfully, Student’s name (b)
To Whom It May Concern: Dear Sir/Madam, Dear , Application for Industrial Training Placement At [name of company] I would like to apply for the position of Industrial Trainee at your company. [provide reasons why the company should accept your application] [provide the duration of attachment] I enclose my resume for your consideration. Thank You. Yours truly, [name of applicant] [address of applicant] Encl. Resume and Copies of Transcript (c)
Dear Sir/Madam, As a student doing Bachelor of at , Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, I am seeking for opportunity to do my industrial training in the area related to my course of study. From the research I have conducted on … [Name of Company] …, I am interested in pursuing … [ name of position] … intern position. … [Briefly describe your interest in this company]… [Highlights two or three key experiences and/or academic achievements that directly relate to the qualifications the employer is seeking]. [Show proves that you have some of the key skills for the position]. Attached is my resume for your review. I would like the opportunity to further discuss with you the …[name of job]… internship and my qualifications. Please let me know if I can call your office to see if we might arrange a convenient time to meet. I look forward to talking with you. Thank you for your consideration. Yours sincerely, Student’s signature Name (2) Sample Resume format (You are advised to use your own format) RESUME Full name (you may use prefix to indicate gender e.g. Ms. or Mr.) Date of birth (attach your recent photo) Address Telephone Email Academic achievements Course : Major : Minor : CGPA : STPM : Grade Aggregate SPM : Grade Aggregate Language spoken and written (indicate level of proficiency) Computer skills (indicate level of proficiency) Extra curricular activities (indicate level of participation) Working experience (indicate salary if significant) Resume dated (3) Sample letter for Acceptance of Offer Student’s Name Address E-mail Date: Contact Person Name of Company Address Dear [Name of Contact Person] Re: Acceptance of Offer for Industrial Training

Dear Dr. Vong
# BMJ.2016.035878 entitled “Antibiotic Resistance Threat in South-East Asia Region: Risk
Thank you for sending us your article, which we read with interest. Unfortunately we do not consider
it suitable for publication in its present form. However if you are able to amend it in the light of our
and/or reviewers’ comments, we would be happy to consider it again. While we recognise that the
topic is important, the style and format need work to be suited for The BMJ. We would like you to
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Please note that resubmitting your manuscript does not guarantee eventual acceptance, and that
your resubmission may be sent again for review.

—-ml;ihsz;oth —-cK;ahgz;ilf —mw;hijv;dgl YAWVrQbPo03oIMiR oMcCZkT10817reK ilQ494NNPK GyND5304OHbFdzod DezOtk832489wUFKWi nfrxb35PmyZnsK ZH96398iUUOq oKd876Ydv CMnmcpAZj4829IdzU btbSgoEc641414SxC MDma80593qrlu —-Fq;zbth;asa GRiWXHebU43VRvtA TWdlvwK03702sBl ZIn684XLGj NbjQ1826EcNUhgod TSOGKB411575nmOFDZ tsQQQ93FfcQzof fQ74109uEefC dqT258KTy ZKBPNvzyv3299scIz QqJEuMcK369061LwA LnyW03836CvvC QAIWiqzRq33MCyjW epXmnIj09142Dci Xow146cqDV oZKU3472enwKkILk idSdZQ000698tmVJOf mJort98byRNGum DU74210Gwhat xSV670wkO gXDhIeXBy1983VHoT CfbLSRBA915039LPt PLii98038axlj CqSHxWLvc16mqQUD DbiVhCY65669hRl chz686xHlr YlED7950FUErEnBx bsNBFp434470mkaZun ZIrrq29CaDnQXH Kh91686uvHMJ Xav874tLH KPuTiLNzc5484UTVm AJejMACB772297Tjo CtDx04034knDK —GS;xtmk;mrd

Thank you for expressing your interest in our company”: How to write less generic auto-response recruiting emails

Undergraduate Resource Series
Office of Career Services | 54 Dunster Street
Harvard University | Faculty of Arts and Sciences | 617.495.2595

“Alumni can assist through job shadowing, speaking to classes,
providing student internships, or simply sharing career advice,”
explained SNRAS President Mark Dilley who has been
coordinating this project for the Society. If you have not been
contacted, and would like to help, please contact Mark Dilley at
(614) 818-9156 or madilley@earthlink.net. You may also simply
complete the form on the back of the membership Affirmation
Form (run in the Spring Issue each year, and available on our
website) to be automatically added to the database. This form
may also be used to notify SNRAS of address changes, career
moves, etc.

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The New York Times
The New York Times

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt

Op-Ed Columnist
There has been rising anxiety among Democrats in recent weeks — and rising optimism among Republicans — about the midterm elections in November. Last night’s primaries in several states should cause everyone to take a deep breath. The Democrats had a good night:
• We still don’t have the full picture, but the trends in voter turnout continue to look strong for Democrats. (The partisan breakdown in primary turnout is a meaningful predictor of general-election results.)
In three New Jersey House districts that Democrats are hoping to flip, for example, Democrats cast between 52 percent and 54 percent of primary votes last night. “Should be careful about reading too much into it,” G. Elliott Morris of The Economist said on Twitter, “but those numbers should make Democrats feel good about November.”
Democratic turnout was also strong in Iowa. And as analysts dig into the California results today, I’ll be watching for what they find out about turnout. Nate Cohn of The Times has a good explainer of California’s importance here.
• Democrats appear to have avoided a disaster scenario in California. They were not locked out of the general election in any congressional district, based on the latest vote counts.
The lockout scenario was possible because California has moved to a “top two” primary system. It no longer has party primaries; all candidates instead run in a single primary. In some districts, so many Democrats were running that it seemed possible that Republicans could finish in the top two spots, even if both received only around 20 percent of the vote.
The results won’t be finalized for another two weeks, as Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report notes. But the initial results suggest Democrats will have a general-election candidate in every district. The main headline on Politico earlier this morning: “Democrats dodge California lockouts.”
• Democrats continue to win some shocking upsets. “The Dems just flipped another seat in Missouri, a State Senate District Trump won in 2016 by 5%, the Dem tonight won by 20%,” Matthew Dowd, the ABC News analyst and former George W. Bush aide, said on Twitter. “For all those saying blue wave was dwindling, this is evidence to contrary.”
There is a long way to go, and the race for Congress remains a tossup. But last night was a net positive for the Democrats’ chances.
Bill Clinton and MeToo. President Bill Clinton’s heated, self-justifying response to a question about Monica Lewinsky is astonishing given how much his misconduct with her shaped the #MeToo movement, argues New York magazine’s Rebecca Traister.
His deflections, which continued in an interview with The Times last night, also mirror President Trump’s when confronted with his own accusations of sexual misconduct. “At an honor-starved moment when most of our politicians are quicker to shirk responsibility than to shoulder it, I cringe at his evasions, elisions and rationalizations,” writes my colleague Frank Bruni.
The full Opinion report from The Times follows, including Bari Weiss on Miss America.
Frank Bruni will be hosting his monthly trivia contest today at 12 p.m. ET on the New York Times Opinion Facebook page, with 2003 College Jeopardy! champion Keith Williams as guest host. Tune in and test your news and pop culture knowledge.
On the Primaries
The California Primary as Gold Rush Politics

To grasp the Golden State primaries, you must know about historically independent voters and weak parties.

A Roy Moore-Less Campaign in Alabama Was Still Pretty Crazy

Gov. Kay Ivey tried to keep a low profile, but her opponents had a lot to say about that.

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Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, the Sultans of Self-Pity

The former president is singing the current president’s sad song.

Grifters Gonna Grift

To the mattresses!

The Bikini Contest Is Over, but We Are Living Inside the Beauty Pageant

Suggesting that women won’t be judged for their looks is a bit like Miss America wishing for world peace.



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Tariffs and other misguided policies have isolated the United States when it needs strong alliances to deal with China’s growing power.

Why Did Liberals Join the Majority in the Masterpiece Case?

One explanation is simple pragmatism. Another is influence.

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Trump’s Man in Berlin

Richard Grenell, the new ambassador to Germany, like the president who appointed him, appears to have little patience for protocol and precedent.

Upheaval in Italy and Spain

Both nations are under new management. How long the arrangements will last is anyone’s guess.

Fighting Cancer by Chasing Tornadoes

After Mark Zabawa was told he had lung cancer, he started chasing tornadoes.



Find out about new Op-Docs, read discussions with filmmakers and learn more about upcoming events.

As China Rejects Our Waste, What to Do?

Readers urge new technologies and product design, more focus on repairs and truly recyclable plastics.



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